Real American Cheesecake

At Cheesecake Company, we take pride in crafting authentic American cheesecakes that embody the rich, indulgent flavors loved across the States. Each decadent slice is a testament to our dedication to handcrafting every dessert with the utmost care and attention to detail. From our creamy New York-style cheesecakes to our innovative flavor combinations inspired by classic American treats, every bite tells a story of tradition and passion. While our roots may have grown from the heart of America, our Dutch/Turkish owner infuses her own unique touch, blending cultures and flavors seamlessly into our recipes. So come savor a taste of home, whether you’re a local or a traveler from afar, and experience the genuine warmth and flavor of our real American cheesecakes.

Highest quality & standards

Ever since the Cheesecake Company opened her doors in 2008 on the Torenstraat in The Hague the foundation has remained the same.  Using only the freshest products and highest quality ingredients has always been and always will be the top priorities ( well that and making our customers happy but these two go hand in hand). There is no cutting corners when it comes to creating the best cheesecake in the Netherlands! We are constantly looking to create new recipes, flavor combinations and products that will keep our cheesecake fans wanting more! This is why the Cheesecake Company has remained a leader in it’s field for more than a decade now.

Secret Ingredient

The secret ingredient is simple, we love what we do! Today the Cheesecake Company is known not only in the Hague but worldwide. If you ask any of the loyal cheesecake lovers who have experienced our cakes what makes them keep coming back to the Cheesecake Company, you will hear that first and foremost, these are the best cheesecakes in the Netherlands. Secondly, it is the attention we give to exceeding our guests expectations while they are in the store Whether it’s one piece of cheesecake that you’re coming to eat, or having a whole wedding tasting, you will taste the passion and love that we put into each and every product.

“Heerlijke cheesecake, vriendelijke eigenaresse. Top! We komen zeker nog eens terug :-)”

“Hele fijne zaak! Ze hebben heerlijke cheesecake en ook nog eens een super service! Wij hadden nog een cadeaukaart liggen die al verlopen was, maar zonder problemen mochten we hem alsnog gebruiken!”

“Our visits to Den Haag always end up in the same square. The only problem is that it’s always too hard a choice among all the awesome flavours: we usually end up choosing them all! As they say: this ain’t no kwark taart baby! Please export also to other parts of the Netherlands.”