On this page you will find our frequently asked questions. Didn’t find your answer here? Feel free to contact us!

Cheescakes, Ingredients & Allergy Information

Some of our products contain one or more of the following allergy ingredients. Please feel free to ask one of our team members which products contain these ingredients.

-Nuts  (used only in cheesecakes with nuts listed in the name. Such as Snickers, Nutella etc) (The cookies we use, Jodekoekjes, may contain traces of nuts)
-We do NOT use nuts in our carrot cake or banana bread.
-Gelatin (Halal)

General Questions

“Is there alcohol in the cheesecakes?”

 Certain cheesecakes contain alcohol but this is clearly labeled in the name of the cheesecake i.e. Bailey’s Irish Cream, Hot coco with rum & marshmallows. No alcohol is used in any other of our products.

“Are the cheesecakes Halal?”

    Yes our cheesecakes are made with 100% halal beef gelatin.

“Are the cheesecakes safe for pregnant women to eat?”

     YES! The cream cheese we use is pasturized and all cakes are baked which means there are no raw ingredients.

“I am vegetarian, can I eat your cheesecakes?”

     We use beef gelatin in our cheesecakes.

“I am vegan, can I eat your cheesecakes?”

    Our cheesecakes are all made from fresh cream cheese.

“Is it possible to have a gluten free cheesecake?”

    Yep! Order by specifiying it two days before the desired pickup date. Gluten-free option will change the price.

Ordering & Delivery

“Why do I need to order two days before?

    We make our cheesecakes fresh every day which is great! But greatness takes time which is why we need your order before  because it actually takes that long to make it, bake it, cool it, cut it, wrap it, garnish it & box it and make everything else on time with it as well.

“Can I order an assortiment of different flavored pieces?”

     This is possible only with the flavors we have in the store for that day, with a phone call. We can then create a mix from the selection of flavors we have available on that day. You may also order from Uber or Thuisbezorg who can deliver it to you within 30 minutes. 

“Do you deliver?”

    We offer delivery for wedding cakes. There may be a delivery charge depending on the location of the delivery.

“Aaaaah, I forgot to order my cake on time! Now what?”

     No worries! Just swing by the store and we will put together a fun and delicious mix of flavors for you that will be sure to make you and your guests super happy!